Quuk was born out of the realization that the Cannabis vaporizers on the market were inadequate and our desire to do better. Most devices didn’t allow cannabis oils to reach their optimal performance.

We understand that wellness is essential to a balanced life and we believe in the benefits of CBD and green oils. From pain management to relieving conditions such as anxiety, and even treating life-threatening disorders – we believe Cannabis has the power to improve lives. Fortunately, we have the expertise and know-how to build products to help people truly realize the benefits of Cannabis.

About Quuk

Quuk is a subsidiary of Smok, a multi-billion dollar company and the industry leader in e-cigarettes and vaping. Widely regarded as the world’s most popular vape brand, Smok generated more than $500 million in total sales in 2018. Our market dominance is a testament to the quality of Smok products.

Our team

Our team is made up of thinkers, doers, believers and dreamers. We set big goals for our company, but they all center around one basic mission: providing the most effective and durable product to help you enjoy Cannabis vapor at the optimal level.

Dr. Yashwant Pathak

Dr. Yashwant Pathak completed Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology from Nagpur University, India and EMBA &MS in Conflict Management from Sullivan University. He is Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida. Tampa, Florida. With extensive experience in academia as well as Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry, he has more than 200 researches, reviews, chapter publications and several patents to his credit.

Why Quuk?

Why Quuk? It’s simple, Quuk is designed specifically for a wide range of Cannabis products and offers a long-lasting battery so you never have to cut the experience short.

But if you want more specifics, here are the top 3 reasons we know you’ll love Quuk:

Intuitive design and adjustable temperature settings on different products ensure that each type of oil is heated to its optimal temperature.

More vapor volume per draw – consistent from the very first hit through the last drop of oil.

A proven track record, world-class manufacturing, and quality you can trust from the makers of SMOK – the industry leader in vaping and e-cigarettes.


Interested in teaming up with Quuk? Contact us today and learn how you can provide your customers with the best vaping experience, while growing your business and investing in a proven industry leader.